VENEZUELA. 20. Finally accepting the challenge of trying to mix and merge Journalism and Fashion; one post at a time.                

       Why Sanctuary of Freedom? 
I wanted to have a place where I could write whatever pops into my mind, I've always wanted to be somebody who's not afraid of speaking their mind, someone that doesn't buy that crap of "I dress for myself" type of girl. Look, I dress for the world; want to transmit every single one of my thoughts through writing and clothing. It's my temple of writing without borders and not having a post-it with a stereotype glued to my forehead.

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  1. Hola, soy de Venezuela y la verdad es que para mi eres un modelo a seguir, pues sabes como expresarte y mantienes el orgullo por tu país que poco a poco se pierde! Eres super creativa! Y me encanta saber que por lo menos 1 de mis idolos no se siente tan lejos de mi, tu eres de mi país y no se porque me identifico con tu estilo. Mucha suerte en Boston y ojala seas tan famosa como Carrie Bradshaw. :)