Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I've finally decided I'm going to start one of my projects, my journalism ft. fashion ft. whatever crap i come up with blog. It's 2012 {yes, i know you know that} but I'm going to chitchat a lil bit about how it all started.
I was in Paris from september 2011 to june of this year, learning french and getting to know that paradise of baguettes and cigarettes; but i had to apply to college, and so i did. 
Within every application comes the duty of describing your last experience, so... here it is.

“Attention a la marche en descendant du train”, that particulary phrase takes part in my everyday basics living in the city of lights; the one and only, Paris. 

My perspective to see and appreciate things in life has become a more deep, slow-motion kind of living style. Thinking you own the world while the world is watching you survive, quotating “The more I see, the less I know”, i have grown and accepted the beauty of smashing cultures, fusing my values with open doors that give me opportunities i feel much bless about. Walking in the streets, where every little thing surprises me, my senses are able to absorb, and transform a daily parisian life style into an everyday adventure. Expanded wards, goose-bumps, mouthwatering tastes, and heart melting scents combined, help me bring a simple text into a written hologram. 

Coming out of my comfort zone, giving the world a taste of the best that i can be,never stopping from learning and nourishing myself with this journey are some of the requirements to write without barriers. Learning a new language, as in my case it is french, is a plus in the working environment, I’m so happy that I can apply it in my career. My experience in Paris has been so wonderful and indescribable that writing about it has been one of the most heart-challenging things I have ever done.

Wearing one of my favorite headbands from a venezuelan brand called OH! NENA 


YSL - La révolution de la mode. Excellent book! You can find it here

Sunflower headband for Sensation White Belgium 2012 

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